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Our very thin Xperia X hull will sublimate your Sony Xperia X without increasing the weight and size of your mobile. Do not wait and protect your Xperia X before breaking his screen. With our protective shell, you preserve the design end of your Sony Xperia X. The weight of your mobile is very low, it shows only 152 grams on the scale. Our hull is the premium touch to your mobile, and will add nothing to the light weight mobile phone. Sony Xperia X weighs 152 grams, to a size of 143 * 169 mm, and a thickness of 7.7 mm.

Why buy our shell Xperia X Trend?

• Provides durable protection with access to all ports and functions
• Give a better grip on your device
• Custom made, it only adds 1 to 2mm thick
• Choosing print HD

Further information
Free access to different features
This shell with printed Xperia X is designed to give you full access to all features of your phone. So you can access the different buttons as well as the 23 megapixel camera or the loading port.
Coating improving grip
This fun and trendy Xperia X hull is equipped with a coating improving the grip, which reduces the risk of falls.
HD printing
Our industrial printers spray a polymerized toner which has the property to resist a hostile environment (heat, cold, humidity ...). With our shell Xperia X PVC, you will associate the balance between technology and design. You will enjoy the 5-inch screen. Remarkably fluid, the Xperia X turns into beauty the Google Android operating system. His great velocity, you owe her Qualcomm® Snapdragon Processor Processor 650, backed by 3GB of RAM. The Xperia x is adorned with a 23 megapixel sensor quality with more functions for great shots. Do not wait pa damage your mobile before you order your Xperia X protective case with print and fun trend


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